A Distant Familiarity…LA I’m Home!

It feels so good to be embraced by Jimmy and Duke again. It was sort of a strange feeling seeing Jimmy in the flesh at the airport. It was as if I knew him in another lifetime: a distant familiarity. It felt the same way with Duke. We played a trick on him: Jimmy opened the door and went into the house first as if he was just coming home alone and I waited just outside the front door. Duke walked out the front door to pee and as soon as he saw me, he didn’t know how to react: he barked, wagged his tail, and starting jumping. He was quite confused.

It’s only been 5 weeks but I feel like I’m getting reacquainted with Duke this morning. Even petting him feels different to me…as if I was doing it for the very first time.

Jimmy went to work this morning like usual. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with him too 🙂


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