Continuing On Together…Separately

It was my “last” morning practice with Prem & Radha today. I thought of bringing my camera to capture me smiling with my beloved teachers but I thought how that very action would create longing inside me to always have them with me. So instead, I chose not to bring  my camera nor to capture any moments with them because I know this is not my last time seeing them but just a “see you later” sort of moment.

As I walked back to my villa after practice and did my usual routine of showering and getting dressed for breakfast, it dawned on me that Bali and Los Angeles–although are 2 different places in the world, they are both a part of me and not separate. My life here in Bali is not separate from my life in Los Angeles. I’m continuing to live and carry on what I’ve learned here in Bali and bringing it to Los Angeles; and vice versa. My journey back and forth is a continuation of the same life. I was so grateful this thought came to me because I had been viewing the 2 as two very separate things in my life. How I live here in Bali doesn’t stop when I leave; it continues when I’m in LA. It’s a very simple yet comforting thought.

The heartfelt connections, laughter, conversations, and time spent together with the people here are now just a part of who I am. They have my energy and I have theirs. I know I’ll be back and even though I leave today, I know I’ll say “See you later!”


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