Temptation…and Commitment

Now that I’ve been here for a month and have acclimated to “living” here, I think to myself, “hmmm…it wouldn’t be bad to stay here a couple of more weeks.” But what really spurred this thought was the fact that Bali only issues 30-day Visas and mine expires today. Which means, I need to pay $50 to extend my Visa for another 30-days or else when I leave, I’ll have to pay $25/day for every day I stay till I leave. So I thought…well, I’m already extending my visa another 30-days…why not stay a lil longer? I even have a friend who offered her spare room in a bitchin’ villa she’s renting nearby with an awesome pool and view of the jungle.

I’m also doing well with my practice and have gotten so much stronger with the guidance of my teachers. This would be my main reason for staying…to further my practice. But honestly, I think I’m ready to go back home and take what I’ve learned here and apply it once more like last year. Apply it not only for myself but to also teach and share what I’ve learned and how it works for me to anyone who wants to learn.

A friend last night asked if we had learned anything new this time. There were a few things, but mostly it has been refining and going deeper with what I already know. My  practice and time spent with my teachers also have helped to reaffirm that I’m on the right path…for ME. And for that, I am so grateful. I’ve found a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that helps me LIVE LIFE. It’s a discipline and framework to work within that resonates with me. It’s a choice I make every single day. A commitment to be aware and live presently. And this commitment extends towards the sake of my past, present, and future students as well.

When I’m here in Bali, I stop worrying about the “usual” things I tend to worry about in Los Angeles. The “things” that are so much a part of life in LA that don’t matter (here, at least)…like success, money, a new car, a house…all these things would be ‘nice’ but it’s not necessary. None of these things matter at the end. When we’re on our deathbed, we’re not going to look back at our life and say, “My Porche made me so happy.” Right?! We’re going to look back and be grateful for what gave our life meaning and purpose.

Yup…I’m ready to take on life in LA again…my home sweet home.


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