[Spiritual SoundBite] ‘Stand Up!’ …Ride It Out

Being out in the ocean with my surf instructors and hearing “Stand Up!” as my cue to catch a wave was always an exhilarating moment. I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life and have never surfed (that sounds so lame!). So I finally did it here in Bali in a little surf town called Sarangan.

Paddling out into the ocean was such a challenge. In the beginning I wanted to get out there as quickly as possible and so I fervently paddled until I quickly wore myself out. I looked around and saw the professionals gliding on the water and they looked relaxed and went twice as fast. So I started to relax and it was much easier!

Once I reached my destination in the middle of the ocean I patiently waited for the next wave to come. The instructors were amazing at recognizing which waves were the best. They’d say, “Ok! Get ready!” And I’d lay on my board and start paddling away until the waved reached me and I’d hear “Stand Up!” It was as if time stood still in that moment and it was just me, my wave, and our silent bond. Also, there was no choice but to go with the flow. It’s truly a magical moment.

Now I understand why surfers are religious about it. It’s a great metaphor for life: relax and be at ease. Be prepared and patiently wait for your opportunity…it will surely come. And when it does, have the courage to take it; ride it out and see where it takes you.

Bali Surf

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