[Spiritual SoundBite] Where’s Your Paradise? (…and private photos)

I whipped up a bowl of quinoa and dark greens in my outdoor kitchen; sat down and plopped my feet up on the patio table to face the lush garden of tropical plants and flowers that surround my villa. A blue dragonfly flitters by and lands on the edge of a hearty long leaved plant (dragonflies look like little helicopters to me).

Feeling blessed by my surroundings, I start to eat. But suddenly I feel a bit lost. I wonder why? I begin to realize that there isn’t  much meaning for me wherever I am unless I’m with the ones I love: Jimmy, Duke, my family, friends, students: my community. Of course I’m here in Bali with teachers and yogi friends I’m crazy about and Bali is probably one of the most beautiful and nurturing places on earth. But no matter where I am, even if it’s paradise, if I’m not with the ones I love, what’s the point? Home IS being with the people I love. Home is my paradise 🙂 What or where is your paradise?

Here are a few photos of My Paradise to share with you:

new year's with mom & dad 2011
New Year’s w/ Jimmy and Papa & Mama Cheung
Duke and lil Emmi
Duke and lil Emmi
bday jenga
Nat, Joe, Kevin, Jimmy, & Catherine…united over a ‘friendly’ game of Truth or Dare Jenga
Lizzy & Kimmy
Lizzy & Kimmy
muy muy & gatz
my niece Olivia aka “muy muy” and my sis, Sylvia aka “gatz”
mom & me
momma Cheung & me
graham & baby
my nephews: Graham & Desmond
sleepy jimmy & duke
my main squeeze(s): Jimmy & Duke
jimmy & me
Jimmy & me

I’ve started my Ashtanga Diaries…the insights and hardships of the practice revealed! (at least from my point of view 🙂 ) Read it here.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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