Illusionary Unjust Punishment

It was unjust.

It was punishment.

It was unnecessary.

Or was it?

Oh boy oh boy did I have resistance in today’s afternoon class. My teachers and the 7 of us: me, Ludwig from Austria, Sven from Germany, Hester & Marlous from the Netherlands,  Fumi from Japan, and Marcel from Holland—we all meet Monday thru Friday from 1-4pm to learn what Prem and Radha have in store for us. This past week has been reviewing the poses of Primary series in depth and making sure we personally understand the importance of each pose as well as how we each need to personalize it to our abilities & capabilities.

What was left for us to review today were the finishing postures, starting with Urdvha Danurasana (Upward Wheel Pose). But first, we were going to “warm-up” with Surya Namaskar A & B and the standing postures before we could go into our backbends. Yes, I recall, my teachers saying we’d “warm-up” before attempting the backbends. This is what it felt like instead: Have you ever been asked if you wanted to go on a nice walk but instead you found yourself being led on an uphill hike that you didn’t prepare for…and it’s obvious you didn’t because you’re wearing flip flops. You get mad at your friend for misleading you for what you thought would be a leisurely walk and instead you’re cursing the stars because you should be in hiking boots along with your walking sticks.

Yeah…not what I was expecting. Within 5-minutes, the 7 of us were sweating bullets (afterwards, Ludwig, in his German accent said it was streams of sweat for him. Which is actually more accurate)…the afternoons in Bali can get very hot and with humidity added on top of that, it’s a natural sauna. So imagine doing that hike in a sauna.

Yes, I am complaining. I was pissed. At first. But I kept telling myself…they’re going somewhere with this. I know they are. Just trust them…they haven’t let you down before.

And it was all worth it. Each of us experienced our own unique backbend that felt so good for the entire front of the body. We were completely stretched and wrung out. Sitting in Padmasana (lotus) turned into a meditation that I did not want to end. It felt like I was no longer in my body and my mind was neither here nor there. I would have been content to stay that way forever.  Then I had one of the best Savasanas I’ve had in a very long time. Unjust punishment was redeemed.


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