I Don’t Want More…

Practicing here in Bali is always fantastic. The weather is ideal and conducive to getting right into it without needing to “warm-up” like it has been in Los Angeles. I can get right into my practice.

My practice has been fairly graceful and I can move through Primary with ease. It’s not EASY but there’s definitely a flow with my breath and the postures. Prior to meeting my teachers I was going up through the first couple of postures of 2nd series. But since last year I’ve backed off the intensity as well as the ambitiousness of “attaining” more postures from my teachers because I came to the conclusion that this is a life long practice. I’ve got my whole life to do this practice so I better lay down a good foundation.

With that, I decided to even back off on the drop backs after Urdhva Danurasana. So primary is very enjoyable for these days. There’s a fluidity to my practice that I would have never thought would be possible. I remember the first 2 years of learning Ashtanga and the hardships I had to go through of not only learning the different postures, but the aches and pains associated with realigning the structural aspect of the body as well as the foreigness of the postures. I’ve had to deal with shoulder, upper back, lower back, knees (all sides of it: inside, outside, front, back), hips, groin, hamstrings…you name it, I’ve been through it.

But these days, I’m so thankful that my consistency, patience, persistence, and most of all, self-discipline has paid off. The journey has not been easy but it has certainly changed my life.


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