Ubud Market: the Freshest Sensory Overload

I was so tired last night I conked out at 9pm and woke up this morning at 6:30. I decided to have my usual cup of tea and then went into town to see the morning farmer’s market. The Ubud market is right in the center of town and although the “market” is a huge place that’s opened all day, the produce part of it is only open from 6-9am. So I took the opportunity in waking up early to get some veggies/fruit and explore it. As soon as I walked in, an older woman halted me and showed me her fruits. She opened a piece of rambutan for me to try: I didn’t really want to eat it nor was I looking for this type of fruit but since she opened one for me to try I felt obliged to buy some—I’m such a sucker.  I bought a bunch along with some Sryikaya (sugar apple) for 3 bucks…I must have gotten ripped off because she included some bananas for me. She must have pitied me for being so naive ;0

I walked through this market and it’s a bit overwhelming—not only due to the size and maze-like layout of the place but also because there’s so much going on and everywhere you look, space is filled up with fruit, produce, flowers, people, retail items…dogs are walking in and out of the stalls, motorcycles are trying to pass through, music, shouting…it’s a sensory overload. Here’s a taste of it:


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