indoor/outdoor…it’s all one

You know what I love about Bali? Besides the hundred other things I like about it? It’s the fact that once you’re here Mother Nature smacks you RIGHT in the face. I’m instantly confronted with the humidity as well as the ninja bugs.

What’s making me think of this is my indoor/outdoor kitchen area as well as my bathroom. I just hope people who walk by my bathroom don’t (or can’t) hear me pee or (do other things). The architecture here integrates the environment with the building. So basically, they’re open spaces with a thatched/wicker roof overhead.

…and the verdict is in…100% deet DOES work here!! yay!!! although the ninja blood suckers got me as soon as I stepped out of the plane…got some welts on my back:(

I practiced yoga on my front porch this morning. My skin is totally soaking up in the moisture in the air and is loving it! Any aches I had from traveling is gone from twisting, stretching, folding, jumping, flipping, and being upside down. Thank god for my yoga practice!!

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