I made it…and surrendering to the bugs…

I can’t believe I’m sitting back at one of my favorite cafe’s in Bali right now. I’m here again! The trek over here is grueling…I forget how tiring it is. But being here feels so familiar…the smell of rain and humidity, the sound of motorbikes, frogs, and cicadas, and the sight of familiar faces and places…as well as the gecko poop that greeted me on the floor as soon as I walked into my room ๐Ÿ™‚

If I’ve learned anything here the last 2 times I’ve been here, it’s that the mosquitoes are relentless. This time, I’m making peace with them. If I get bitten, I get bitten, but I’ve come prepared with 100% deet. Yup. NEVER would I have thought I’d use it, but this is certainly the time and place for it. I’m highly allergic to the bites of mosquitoes and other creatures that seem to enjoy feasting on me…to the point where I’ve had to take Benedryl for the swelling.

But after my 14-hour flight to Taiwan; 4-hour layover; 5-hour flight to Bali; and 1.5 hour drive to my final destination, I took my Balinese shower (outdoors) and sprayed the deet all over me. I’m braving it as I sit here at Coffee & Copper with exposed arms and legs. We’ll get the verdict tomorrow.

I’m staying in the same hotel in Ubud. If you want to read more about my home away from home, click here: http://wikitravel.org/en/Ubud


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