Note to Self: Take More Walks w/ Duke!

I decided to take Duke out for a walk today. We take less of them when we’re at Jimmy’s because he’s got a yard and it’s just easier to let Duke out back to pee. Whereas, when Duke’s at my place, I need to walk hin outside every time he needs to pee. I actually don’t mind it (when it’s not raining) because I love my neighborhood.
So Duke and I walked to the Echo Park lake today and it was a great decision!…the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the slight breeze was nice; it couldn’t have been more perfect. I also got to observe people enjoying and making use of this public oasis in the middle of LA: teenagers enjoying young love, an old Chinese couple enjoying a conversation, a guy fishing–of which I took the liberty to ask, “what kind of fish do you catch here?” I’ve always wondered. He was quite knowledgeable. He said from now till April, it’s trout and from April-October it’s catfish. It’s catch and release–i don’t you’d want to eat anything caught from that murky water. We passed by a bicyclist who paused to muse with a goose, whom hissed at Duke as we passed. (The goose hissed, not the bicyclist).


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