[Spiritual SoundBite] Really?! You’re Gonna Do This?

That was my response to the couple who tried to steal my table at M Café on Melrose (a slightly overpriced, yet delicious Macrobiotic café). I was meeting my friend Reisha for lunch. The restaurant has limited seating but I luckily snagged a table for us before she arrived. She surprised me with a bag of FarmBox produce in a paper bag for my birthday. We set the bag on my chair and went inside to order our food. After ordering, I walked back out to the patio to discover a couple sitting down at our table. They clearly moved my produce bag across the way to a vacant chair. Cordially, I told them the table was taken. The tall male said that there wasn’t  a “number” on the table. His girlfriend, now sitting in my seat, chimes in and says, “yeah, you’re suppose to get a # by ordering first and then find a table. Otherwise, it’s unfair for people who already have a #.” Maybe they were responding defensively because they knew they moved my stuff and took the table knowing it was already taken. I stood my ground, looked back in disbelief at her boyfriend, and said, “Really?! You’re gonna do this?” And in a mousey way, he responds with, “Well, if you’re gonna make a big stink about it…” and they both get up from the table and walked away.

I don’t like conflict nor do I enjoy uncomfortable confrontations. In the past, with this sort of situation, I’d feel my adrenaline rising, my heart pumping, and a tightness around my throat and chest. But this time, I felt calm and didn’t feel like I needed or wanted to “fight” with my words. Instead, I turned it back on them. The question I posed: ‘Really? You’re gonna do this?’ was going to be followed up with, ‘You can really feel good about this?’ if they weren’t going to budge.

Instead of getting into a heated debate over their justifications for taking the table (where it would have just turned into a battle of egos), I instead turned it back on their conscience. This story isn’t exciting at all but it’s little challenging situations like this that help me to take what I’m practicing daily on my mat and apply it to real life. I believe that we can all be kind to one another. And I believe that conflict can be resolved if we take the ego out of it. Often times, it’s our ego that gets in the way and prevents us from arriving at a resolution.

Is there currently a situation in your life where your ego may be preventing you from arriving at a peaceful place with it? If so, ask yourself what you’re protecting yourself from experiencing or feeling if you were to put your ego aside. Remember, allowing yourself to be vulnerable may feel uncomfortable, but being truthful with yourself will feel so much better in the long run.

There’s one more important lesson I learned from this situation! Read Part 2 here.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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