Really?! You’re Gonna Do That? Part 2

So besides not getting my ego in the way of the M Café table snatching situation, I mentioned that I “stood my ground.” Lately, this has been a reoccurring theme in my life: to be clear with where I stand with a situation so that I can effectively make the right decision for myself. What has helped me in “standing my ground” is the practice of connecting to my mula bandha. This is an energetic center we all have that’s located above the perineum (the location between the anus and the genitals). Mula means “root” and bandha means “lock”. It’s located in our first chakra: mula darha chakra. The concept of it may seem difficult to logically comprehend because to fully understand how you connect to your mula bandha is to experience  and feel it, rather than to study it.  But it’s still important to talk about! There are several techniques with posture and breath to help you cultivate your awareness with your mula bandha. The simple practice of bringing your awareness to it throughout the day will help you with your connection.

The benefits of connecting to your mula bandha (as I’ve discovered) are:

-stayed grounded

-staying centered

-setting clearer boundaries

-consistent source of energy

All these benefits lend to being able to deal with difficult situations and people in a much more centered and grounded way. As a result, you are more clear with your own boundaries and “where you stand”. If you’re interested in cultivating awareness in connecting with your mula bandha, come to my yoga and/or meditation classes. Weekly and monthly classes and workshops are available. More info at:


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