[Spiritual SoundBite] Wanna Screw? or…

…a muffler…a filter…or perhaps that shiny hub cab? Sorry, I’m still in automotive parts mode after I was unexpectedly taken to my first junk yard! It was a surprise field trip Jimmy took me to after he got over the shock when I told him a few weeks ago I’d never been to one. I’d only seen them on TV…like the one that Heathcliff the cat used to hang out in.

Jimmy’s challenge to me was to find something we could use and turn into something else. I love that idea. I loved it even more when I learned that I could take any part off of a car! Taking off the gas cap and opening my trunk are as extensive as it gets for me with “car parts”. Needless to say, auto parts and their associated functions are foreign to me. But perhaps that worked to my advantage…I could see a round filter as Duke’s next collar or colorful fuses as jewelry parts (yes, I love accessories).

The novelty of my journey through the junk yard is shared here as well as the treasures we found. Guess where your next yoga strap is coming from?! When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone and what did you discover? Share it with us here!

(click on videos below)

Entering the Unknown
Didn’t know what to expect as I walked in, but it wasn’t as “dangerous” as I thought it would be. I got a little perturbed I wasn’t warned to wear my galoshes in case my sneakers weren’t up to warding off shards of glass, scraps of metal, or pointy screws. But it was more than fine..AND I’m glad Jimmy came prepared with gloves for me 🙂

Junk Yard Treasures


Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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