[Spiritual SoundBite] How Will This Year Be Different For You?

There’s something to be said about starting a new year. It’s a clean slate. Instead of making any grandiose “new year’s resolutions”, I’ve decided to continue my resolution of sorts from last year in carrying on ‘good habits’ that I apply each day.

What I’ve found, is not so much the goal itself, but the little steps of the journey to get to that goal that really helps us make any change in life. I also believe that it’s more of a challenge to make consistent steps everyday, as opposed to perfecting or thinking that something needs to be perfect before any attempts are made for positive change. For example, I often hear, “I can’t do yoga. I’m not flexible enough. Maybe I’ll start going to they gym first before going to a yoga class.” Often times, these ‘mental prerequisites’ are our ego’s excuse to procrastinate if any discomfort is involved.

So whatever the positive move is, start it today: make the phone call, set up the appointment, or register for a class. One small step today in the right direction will add up to a month’s worth of steps and soon you’ll be the inspiration for your loved ones to make the necessary changes for their life.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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