YaYa’s first “snow experience” in Nashville

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 650px"YaYa playing in Nashville snow

YaYa playing in Nashville snow

Concerning snow: Jimmy didn’t believe me when I told him that #1 I’ve never built a snowman…#2 I’ve never seen a snowflake…and #3 I’ve never made snow angels. There was such disbelief (on the verge of disgust) that I felt a bit ashamed. I went skiing ONCE in college when my boyfriend Tom took me to Snow Summit. It was the most terrifying experience (I’d highly recommend lessons before a first attempt). I’ve never skiied since but that’s beside the point. It snowed a little bit while I feared for my life that one time but I was so distracted with the possibility of breaking a leg or having my life end like Sonny Bono (not funny) that I didn’t (or, rather, couldn’t) enjoy the beauty of it all.
Tom was originally from New York and I got to visit a few times in the winter but it never snowed. Any other time I go away on vacation or travel, I’ve normally gone to hot tropical locations. So any chances of building a snowman or seeing a snowflake has been slim.
But it’s up there on my list of things to do before I die–right up there with catching a foul ball with my mit at a baseball game.