[Spiritual SoundBite] What Are Your “Everyday Memories”?

As I get older, I seem to also grow more nostalgic. I spent 2 days over at my parents for Christmas and our time together as a family, even when I was growing up, was spent at the dinner table. I remember those days as a kid, it was my duty to set the table with 4 placements–a pink oval one for my mom, dad, and sis, and a rectangular placemat that had the U.S. map for me. And then our respective chopsticks. It was a ritual we did every night together from the time I was born till my sis left for college. And as a kid, it was one of those things I thought would never end.
These days, my sis and I are creating our own routines. Along with her hubby, 3 little kids, and 2 dogs, they’re making their own “everyday memories”. Her kids will also one day look back with nostalgia at what only they did together that made it so special. It wasn’t till Jimmy left for Nashville to be with this family last week did I find I myself feeling a little lost at night. It felt strange that he wasn’t there to eat or spend the evenings with. It was then that I realized we had our own little nightly ritual! I hadn’t recognized it as our special thing till I wanted to do it with him and couldn’t. But it seems that it’s all these little things we do with our loved ones that makes life so sweet. It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like without these moments because I think it’s these very little moments that make up much of what we call life.
What’s your favorite “everyday memory”? Share it with us here. Click the red Comment button at the bottom of the page. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Holidays & Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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