My Parents’ Grand Dog

My parents officially have a granddog. I’ve been referring to them as grandpa and grandma to Duke and they took to their names while Duke and I stayed with them the last couple of days. They’re getting used to his nuasences like his S-B-D farts, his 10:30 bedtime when he automatically goes to bed, and his affectionate kisses even when they’re not wanted. Their granddog is staying with them for a couple of days while his mom is meeting his dad in Nashville for a couple of days.
It’s the first night he’s staying there with them. Like clockwork, I just spoke to his grandma and she said he was already in bed. She asked me, “what kind of dog sleeps at night? They normally stay up and keep watch. He’s like a kid instead of a dog.”
I laughed and went on to tell her that he sleeps for about 8 hours a night and normally wakes up at 7:30 or 8 o’clock when he needs to go out and pee.
I feel fortunate that Duke’s got some grandparents he can stay with. And I also feel so appreciative that they’re willing to help care for him. My mom isn’t particularly fond of the idea of needing to take care of him…not because she doesn’t care, but it’s just another responsibility she’d rather not have.
Duke’s easy to fall in love with though. She told me she put him in his sweater because she didn’t want him to get cold ๐Ÿ™‚ The thought of my mom dressing a dog cracks me up. I love her.


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