2010…a year told in photos



2010’s been a fantastic year. Jimmy and I rung in the year in Nashville.

…and we “burrrrned some shit” on new year’s eve with the fireworks we got at Hee Haw.

We went to a great house party thrown by his dear old friend Chris Lee and his girlfriend.

And I got to meet a homemade R2D2 ‘birthed’ by Chris.

And I got to meet a homemade R2D2 ‘birthed’ by Chris.

We spent time with his family and nieces and nephews.


My makeover on the Style Show aired in January. I'm with The Dish Show here where Danielle taught me how to tell a joke! Wanna hear it?


In February, my 33rd birthday was spent locally in LA with friends at our wine bar in Echo Park and at one of my favorite restaurants, Magnolia, where I splurged on mac ‘n cheese and brussel sprouts.

My sweet sister and niece even came up from San Diego to spend my birthday weekend with me!

We had margaritas while Olivia had chips ‘n salsa

We adopted Duke a couple of weeks later…we were destined to have him in our lives!

Shortly after meeting Duke, I returned to Bali to study with my teachers Radha and Prem in Ubud.

And got to spend some good times with new friends.

When I got home a month later, Duke was still just as playful but much bigger.

My mother-daugther cruise to Alaska is a trip I’ll never forget. I had the best time with my mom and I love her so much.

The cruise ended in Vancouver, where my high school friend AND college roommate, Grace now lives with her adorable little boy, Ryan, and hubby Jasper

Grace and I got catch up over breakfast.

And then I was off in an airplane to meet Jimmy in San Francisco for my college friend’s wedding. Vinh and Christie got hitched!...a match made in heaven.

My friend Elsa from college (and a post-college roomy) got to meet Jimmy. I think they really got along..what do you think?!

And guess what?! Bradley Cooper was at the wedding!

I got to also see my pal Hong from college. Me, Elsa, and Hong all used to work at the Career Center on campus when we were students at USC.

While in SF, I witnessed Jimmy’s orgasmic experience with his $60 burger (yes, 60 dollars) at the Burger Bar. I think it may be the fois gois (spelling?) that may have made it such a memorable meal.

July 4th –Jimmy’s birthday!...was spent it in Nashville with family and friends. We got to ‘burrrn some shit’ again. Here’s James Wendall Hunter Jr. with James Wendall Hunter a.k.a “Oh hush, Wendall!”—that’s what his mom’s always calling his dad at least.

…and more nephew time

…and more ‘us’ time

After getting back from Nashville this summer, I decided to get rid of a lot of “stuff”. It was time to simplify and also convert my living room into the yoga/meditation space I dreamed of while in Bali. So I had my FIRST EVER yard sale!! With the couches, bookcases, knick knacks, and miscellaneous items I sold, I made $800! It helped me to pay for the eco-paint and new shelves I got. Without Jimmy’s carpentry skills and secrets of the trade…this dream would have never come true! 🙂 Here’s my first ever yard sale! I had fun creating my merchandise displays!

Here’s the paint we used for the living room: non-toxic and zero v.o.c.

I’ve never painted a room before! But Duke and I were prepared

Didn’t know things got so dusty!

I learned A LOT about he painting process and experienced the wonders of Shellac first-hand!

Duke gave his moral support and also tried to help paint but mostly just got paint on himself.

my carpenter, painter, shellacer, fixer, baller, shotcaller...

Duke and I got to take some time out for some fun too…

And Jimmy showed us a few tricks...

Duke learned how to climb a ladder!

And I learned how to PAINT!

And **drum roll**…my yoga & meditation space is here! BEFORE photo.

AFTER photos

In September, YogaGals celebrated her 2-year anniversary! We had great food, friends, and lots of love…

Duke got dressed up in his dashing red collar

Lots of great friends…

Jimmy and I had baby sitting duties in San Diego with my nephews & niece while my sis and brother in law (T-Bone) went to some crazy swap meet for parents to sell all their baby stuff



We enjoyed our summer in LA and I finally got to go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary to watch their summer films! We saw Beetle Juice on a beautiful summer’s evening.

Jimmy and I also dressed up for Prom night…an annual party at Home in Silverlake.

And we got to see one of my all time favorite bands in Downtown LA: Nortec Collective!

For Halloween, we dressed up as a family of farmers with our mule

Me and my mule

We didn’t know this, but Duke got ready for an interview to be a security dog. We had not idea he was so ambitious.


My grandma turned 90 years old!...she was born in 1920! How cool is that?!


And what better way to end a year in pictures with the best Engrish poster Jimmy and I found hanging in Rowland Heights!

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