[Spiritual SoundBite] Is Your Time Spent Where It Matters Most?

My grandma turned 90 years old on Halloween this year. She wasn’t born on Halloween but because she goes by the  Chinese lunar calendar, it falls on a different day each year. Growing up, I never understood this calendar. For one, it was written in Chinese and two, it seemed complicated–why were her and mom’s birthdays celebrated on a different day every year? I didn’t understand this calendar but I trusted it. It would cunningly know such things as “the windiest day of the year” and it really was windy that day!

She’s the only grandparent of mine still living. I realized I hadn’t been spending enough time with her when I found out her health was declining and actually had to go to the hospital last week because she was severely swollen from her edema; and the week prior, had trouble breathing. Before it’s too late, I want her to know how much I love her. When did my priorities go askew so that I lost touch with grandma? I’m thankful I’m realizing this now so that I can start spending more time with her.

Spending time with the people I love this holiday season seems to have taken a much bigger priority and precedence over getting caught up in shopping and gift giving. I believe the most precious gift we can give to someone is our undivided attention and our presence.

Think of your fondest memories and favorite moments in life. You’re most likely not thinking about the computer you got or a new pair of shoes. Although giving the latest i-gadget would be awesome, creating and having more experiences with the ones you love will not only be more meaningful but the effects will last a lifetime. Is it time for you to reach out to someone you love?

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.
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