[Spiritual SoundBite] Can You Be You?

We ended up spending Thanksgiving with my mom & dad and a few of their friends. Jimmy and Duke the dog came with me. A few days prior, I had a conversation with my mom on the phone that went something like this (translated from Chinese): “Do you want to come over for Thanksgiving?…Do you want to spend the night?..Jimmy is welcome to spend the night too. I already talked to Dad about it and we don’t care how you guys sleep or where; but he’s more than welcome to stay too.” Now, that last part came as a surprise; albeit a nice one…it came from traditional Chinese parents who almost disowned me when I told them 4 years ago that my fiancee and I were moving in together after having just gotten engaged.

I attribute my parents’ new “liberalness” as a result of my divorce. Because it was so unexpected and only 1 1/2 years of being married, it seemed to have come out of nowhere and completely threw them for a loop. A divorce on my record seemed as probable as me being a yoga teacher when I grew up and being vegetarian. Oh sh*t…I am all those things! My poor parents…the kid that grew up and loved eating roast duck and who couldn’t get enough of the chicken feet at dim-sum is no more…I just keep throwing them off that they have pretty much just thrown their arms up in acceptance.

Comedy aside, I think my point is that because I’ve really grown into being who I am as a person and have stayed true to myself, they can’t help but to accept who I am as well. It’s nice feeling like I can be myself and not have to hide anything nor fear being judged. I used to get so caught up in worrying what others would think or say but I know now that self-acceptance is probably the best gift I can give to myself.

What’s the motivation behind what you do in your life? Are you living life on your terms or on someone else’s?

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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