[Spiritual SoundBite] What is…? and…Halloween With Them City Folks

“What is Love?
Not exactly a question you’d expect on Santa Monica Blvd on Halloween. But that’s where I got it. A simple question. How would you answer it?

My answer was: “Love is being true to who you are so that you can serve the world. That is love.”

Up close and personal with Mappy & Pappy

As seen in City Folk Times, November 1, 2010

Here are a few photos of a farm couple and their mule found on Santa Monica Blvd in W. Hollywood on October 31. 2010. When I asked them what made them come out on this particular day, here’s what

Perhaps this is the "city folk" pappy was referring to?

the farmer said, “This is why me & Mappy  and our mule don’t get out here much. Them city folks are just runnin’ round in their underwear every time we decide to come out here this time a year.”

When they were asked why they brought their mule, the farmer said he had hoped their mule would help them blend in with the city folk. He’d keenly observed that city folks seemed to love their mules just as much as he did but he wondered how they pulled with such small horse collars.

The Farmers & their mule--they were hoping their mule would help them blend in with the city folk

Another mule Mappy & Pappy met that day.

“He introduced himself as Waldo…a little queer but a nice fella,” chuckled Pappy.

"Them city folk dress up like clowns" replied Mappy


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