[Spiritual SoundBite] Who Wants You To Fail?

This past weekend I was in a beautiful Santa Barbara home in the hills that overlooked the Pacific ocean with 5 other female entrepreneurs whom I meet with monthly for the past 2 years. We hashed out plans, fears, and desires not only for our businesses but for our personal lives.

Since meeting this group of passionate, creative, funny, and courageous spirits I realized they’re an extension of the support, encouragement, and inspiration I’ve chosen to surround myself with to create the kind of life I want to live: a life of service and authenticity.

What I find most powerful about this group is, I know I want the best for each woman and I know she feels the same for me. It’s as true as saying my name is Stella or that I love to eat. I know there’s no judgment on what I express nor is there an underlying agenda with any feedback I receive. I know I’m heard, acknowledged, loved, and accepted as I am. They’re my pillars of strength, my biggest cheerleader and a punch in the face when I need it (figuratively, of course).

Your Spiritual Exercise…
Do you feel supported in your life by your partner, friends, colleagues, family? Have you placed yourself amongst people who inspire you to keep moving forward or do they keep you where you’re at out of fear? The first thing is to admit to yourself what’s true–some times this hard to do because deep down if it’s something that doesn’t resonate with how we think things “should” be, we know change is inevitable, and change is scary, but also necessary.

Take one step today towards the life you want to live by stating a truth that is hard to swallow but is necessary to acknowledge. And then share it with us!…We’ll celebrate your relief and liberation with you 🙂

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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