I Can’t Lie

…Ok, I could but this is perhaps more of an admission than anything else:




I allow myself to indulge in a cup of latte once or twice a week–yes, week. Not day  (like I used to when I was in advertising).

It was no accident that my first job as an undergrad at USC was at the new Starbucks on campus. I enjoyed the whole ritual of making someone the perfect cup of joe. I actually prided myself on it too–making sure the product they left with was to their utmost satisfaction…well, at least to mine.

It was meditative for me to steam the milk till it had a smooth creamy froth sitting on top. The aroma of the espresso shots sitting under the machine.

Now I just sound creepy.

I suppose there really shouldn’t be any shame in liking coffee. I mean, I enjoy it in moderation like I do with other things: wine, beer, cheese, hot peppers, french fries, ice cream.
What do you feel guilty for enjoying?


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