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So here’s [The Answer]: Wise’s answer to remedy your habit is to “consciously deactivate the fight-or-flight response and activate the relaxation response.

“…arousal is not inherently better than relaxation, or vice versa. Both states are important at certain times. What is optimum is to be able to choose the level of relaxation or arousal that you want and to be able to produce that at will. Once again we are back to self-mastery and choice.”

What this brings up for me is the importance of having a meditation practice; to have control over the mind instead of the mind having control over you. In my own practice, I’ve had to observe thoughts and let them go without any sort of judgement i.e. Oh, I’m so bad at this! Look, I can’t even sit here and not think about what I want for dinner or about needing the oil changed in my car. The tricky thing about meditation is that once you’re in it, you don’t realize you’re in it, and once you realize you’re in it, you’re out of it.  But if you can stay purely in the present moment, it will feel as thought time is non-existent; that all that exists is pure consciousness, and there is no more “I” or “me”. You are just ONE with all that surrounds you, and all that you surround…there is no separation because nothing exists, yet all that is exists is one and the same.

[side note]…it took me a long time to find the ‘magic’ of meditation. Prior to the last 2 years, I would have said (and have said): meditation’s not for me. I can’t do it. I can’t sit still without thoughts racing through my head. But like MANY things that I’ve said or thought wasn’t for me, I had to experience it first. So keep an open mind and you’ll find your own magic 🙂


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