[Spiritual SoundBite] Are You Aroused Right Now?

Although this may not be the Dr. Ruth direction you thought I’d head in, I’d like to explore an excerpt with you that hit close to home for me in The High Performance Mind by Anna Wise.

“The act of running or fighting eventually helps the body return to its normal state of balance. But when such action doesn’t take place, many people are left with an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, adrenaline, and tension, which put their bodies at greatly increased rsk for stress-related diseases. The fight-or-flight response first becomes habitual, then dangerous.

Taking the state of arousal to an extreme, some people become addicted to stress, using the outpouring of adrenaline and other physical changes to help them meet their deadlines. They may find themselves lacking the energy to create without the additional push they get from their stress responses. When someone needs stress to feel excited and alive, it can become like a drug. Those in high-pressure jobs-the stockbroker, the writer on a deadline, the emergency-room worker, the high-powered executive-may routinely have these experiences. Even without a high-stress situation, we can create this type of pressure for ourselves simply by leaving tasks until the last minute, refusing to delegate responsibility properly, over scheduling our time, and expecting too much of ourselves. Many people who continually rush, push, and live life in a state of tension have no idea that that is what they are doing. You may have actually met the person who grits his or her teeth when you say, “Relax,” and snaps back, “I am relaxed!”

Does all this sound familiar? Want to know the answer to help remedy your habit? Click here.

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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