[Spiritual SoundBite] It’s Time to Celebrate: Part 2!

This passed weekend was titled: “A Celebration of All Sorts”. And rightfully so:
1. YogaGals’ turned 2 years old.
2. The YogaGals’ Healing Nest Studio is now open for yoga, meditation, and cooking classes. And last but not least…
3. I was finally able to invite friends, family, and students to gather all in 1 place!

I realized that having this celebration for YogaGals was a big step for me. In the past I would have unknowingly let it slip by as I shackled myself to my desk, slaving away at the endless “to-do” checklist. A part of me would have even balked at the notion of celebrating, seeing it as either boastful or even undeserving.

But fast forward to today–with neither ego nor self deprecation, I can say, “Yes! I’m proud of myself and my journey up to this point. I’m ecstatically living life and I feel like I’m standing on top of the world!”

When was the last time you stopped to acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments? Share with us what you’d like to acknowledge yourself for here by pressing on the red comment button below. We’d love to celebrate with you–even if it’s virtual! 🙂

Celebrating in a sea of gratitude with you…

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

stella loves you signature

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