Not To Brag…



whew…ok, I’ll settle down now.

Nothing in particular happened today, nothing extraordinary, no major discovery, nor great revelation. But have ever felt SO ALIVE you just want to sing and dance and shout?! I’ve certainly been high on other things in my life but this is certainly one of those times where you can say: “That Girl is HIIIIIGH on Life!”

Where do I begin? I met my friend Caroline for some Chai yesterday and told her about my idea of starting my meditation classes along with a lecture on the central theme of TRUTH. It’s such a broad topic that I’ll need to narrow it down. It’s like peeling away the onion layers again or pinpointing a topic for a thesis (which, by the way is what I equate to giving birth–though I’ve never done the latter). The topic of judgment came up. We live and go about our lives and days with facades because of the fear of judgment by others OR self-judgment. We put unduly pressure on ourselves based on unrealistic expectations. We play a game where a fantasy finish line exists in our minds but the game never ends. We keep living for a tomorrow. Soon we realize all the tomorrows we’re living for are running out and we ask what all this work and hardship was endured for. What is it all for? If you’re not living for today, then what are you living for and what are you waiting for?

People seem to wait a lot. They sit and wait hoping that something ‘better’ will come along. Or they sit and wait hoping things will get better. So I suppose arriving at your TRUTH can come from asking, “What am I waiting for?”

COURAGE also came up as topic from TRUTH. It takes courage to say and live your truth. To be AUTHENTIC. Despite all that you’ve done and experienced thus far–to not feel shame nor guilt but only forgiveness that leads to compassion for yourself and others. I suppose once one does this, they’re no longer shackled to the confines of their own self judgment nor of others’. The limitations we experience in our life are only created in our mind–do you find this true?


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