[Spiritual SoundBite] If You Could Ask 1 Question and Get An Answer, What Would It Be?

Well, I’m dying to know what your question is but the answer to it, is right under your nose! Ever look for a solution to something so arduously just to find that the answer was right in front of you the whole time?

That just happened to me. I’ve been dealing with some sort of skin issue on my face since last December. It was diagnosed as adult acne at the dermatologist and prescribed some sort of topical medication that only seemed to dry out my face and make it more oily at the same time–not a pretty sight. At the same time, the reoccurring dry, itchy patch of skin on my arm was diagnosed as eczema–a surprise to me, since I’d never had it.

You’re probably wondering what my host of boils, acne, and rashes have to do with anything by now. Well, the ointment prescribed for my eczema also cleared up my facial “acne”…which I believe was also eczema! This ointment I’d been carrying around in my purse for the last 8 months was the answer all along.

Its been a very frustrating time for me in clearing up my skin. But the point is that I had the answer all along and often times we already have the answers. It’s just whether or not we’re open to “seeing” it.  Some times it’s a process of uncovering and revealing what we need to learn in order to find a solution and other times, it’s an ah-ha!-light bulb-sort of moment. If you’ve been dealing with a situation in your life that’s been frustrating or holding you back in some way, sit quietly and meditate upon it. When you can quiet down the chatter in your mind and relax, the answers will flow easily to you. Ever notice when you’re doing a relaxing activity like showering , exercising, gardening, etc. you get moments of revelations or epiphanies? Be more relaxed by doing more relaxing activities and you’ll get your answers.

What IS the ONE question you’d ask? Click the red “response” button at the bottom of this page.

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Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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