[Spiritual SoundBite] I Embraced Little Fatty. You Can Too!

Ever heard that you can’t change your past but you can change your future? Well, that statement is WRONG. Just the opposite is true. In order to create the kind of future you’d like, you need to change the meaning you associate with your past. It doesn’t mean you lie and pretend certain events or people in your life didn’t exist and happen, but it’s changing the story and the meaning you’ve put behind these things. Once you’re able to look at it differently, the meaning you’ve attached to your past experience can help steer the course for your future.

Just recently, I had to process the meaning I had attached to my family nickname, “Little Fatty”. As I grew into my teen years, being called Little Fatty in Chinese was no longer endearing but hurtful. Instead, I heard, “you’re fat! you’re ugly! You’re not good enough!”…at least those were the meanings I’d attached. But I know those things aren’t true and I’ve been able to change the meaning I’ve attached to the name (although I’m not called that anymore!) and actually embrace the Little Fatty in me. 

What experiences from your past are holding you back from being the authentic you? What meanings and feelings have you attached and associated with them? Knowing what you know now about yourself, how can you change the meanings with these past experiences? Please share your thoughts to these questions here. YogaGals and our readers would love (and need) to hear from you!

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Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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2 thoughts on “[Spiritual SoundBite] I Embraced Little Fatty. You Can Too!

  1. Wait – your family called you “little fatty?” Has your family ever seen you??

    My dad has a friend who called me “Katie ol’ Pooh,” after Winnie the Pooh, because of my big tummy when I was a kid. Stung then, still stings a bit now, although not nearly so much. 🙂

  2. Hi Stella,

    You’re so wise. I realized recently that a memory from when I was a little child was meaningful, just not in the way I thought. When a parent would not spend a dime on a fake horsee ride for me, I took it that I was not worth it. I now realize that the ride was not worth it. Big turning point. Also, realized feeling badly because I was harmed in Physical Education as a young person was keeping me from healthy exercise now. You make sense, explain things to our little child in our brain to keep the adult in us going forth.

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