7 TIPS: Alkaline Cleansing Diet

1. Stock up your fridge with the list of fruits and veggies for the week. If you were like me, you’ll be famished. In 8 days, I went through a total of 20 peaches, 8 nectarines, 6 mangoes, 3 bags of spinach, 3 bags of collards/kale/turnip greens, 2 bags of mung beans, 5 boxes of quinoa, 2 bags of wakame and hijike seaweed, and lots of water. Here’s the list of fruits and veggies and recipes for the liver flush and tea.

1a. Liver Flush & Tea Concoction. This is what I found to be most effective time wise: make the tea first and while it’s steeping make the liver flush. That way, by the time you’re done making and drinking the liver flush, you can drink the tea right away. I also used the same ‘tea bag’ and would refill it during the day with hot water to enjoy the tea. It’s pretty tasty! But I might have weird taste.

2. Make sure you don’t haveย  much to do. As with any cleanse/fast make sure you have ample time during the cleanse to get plenty of rest, lots of down time, and not much to do.ย  If you normally have plenty of energy like I do,ย  don’t try running all over town teaching yoga and healing others like I tried. I was exhausted, a bit delirious, and kept getting dizzy the last few days.

3. It should be more mentally challenging than physically. You can eat as much of the veggies/fruits on the list as you’d like. With that and #2 being said, if you experience extreme hunger and fatigue in the beginning like I did, AND you have to carry on with your normal daily routine, this may not be a good time for you to do the cleanse.

4. Make sure your partner, spouse, significant other is aware of what you’re about to embark on. Thankfully, Jimmy is used to my “phases” (he thinks he’s one) and so I made him well aware of what I was doing and he was very supportive throughout. He even joined me on a few meals of steamed veggies and quinoa, adding his own twist to the meal with beer, tabasco, and salt & pepper.

5. If your dog’s peanut butter biscuits start to look good…it may be time to eat! I was actually jealous of Duke’s treats.

6. Use your intuition. I’m a big believer in using my own intuition because I know my body well and I know what feels right. Trust yourself if something doesn’t feel good. Looking back now, I started feeling depressed the last few days. I love cooking and eating. So not being able to create tasty food was a bummer for me. (A sad, depressed yoga teacher is not a good look for me.)

7. Post-Cleanse Eating. Even though the cleanse is “10-days”, you’ll need to slowly incorporate regular foods back into your diet. Don’t just got out and have a cheeseburger and fries–your body will freak the fuck out. Continuing eating a clean diet with most of the foods on the list and slowly reintroduce 1 or 2 foods during the week and add more foods gradually. You’ll notice if your body reacts differently to something you normally ate before the cleanse and how it will react now. I was bummed when I had my first dirty martini a week after I stopped the cleanse and it was WAY OVERWHELMING for my taste buds ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I hope this helps you on this cleanse if you decide to do it. Let me know how it goes!


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