[Spiritual SoundBite] Are You Gnawing At Too Many Bones?

Each morning before my yoga practice, I meditate. And Duke the dog is laying at my mat’s side (sometimes on it) and also meditates…well, his version of it: sleeping or gnawing at his bone. He whole heartedly chews on his bone. Nothing matters at that moment…he’s completely present with his bone–they are one.

Duke’s morning meditation
Duke's Meditation

It’s a good reminder for me to be like this with any person I’m speaking with or any task I’m doing at hand–BEING WHOLE HEARTEDLY PRESENT. How many times during the day do we try to “multi-task”? (something I don’t believe in anymore) Observe how many times today when your attention is shifted i.e. the phone rings while you’re in the middle of an email. You decide to answer the phone. It’s your mother. You continue typing your email with your mother on the phone (phone clenched between shoulder and ear) while trying to eat your lunch. Does this sound familiar?

Not only is your train of thought interrupted for that important email, but now you’re only hearing bits and pieces of what your mother is sharing, and you’re ½ way done with your lunch but you can’t remember what it tasted like much less what it was…you know it was something between 2 pieces of bread. And to top it all off, your neck and shoulder are cramped and seized up from holding the phone.

Point taken? Good. Only 1 task at a time, please. You’ll be much happier, healthier, and what can I say, a focused person is definitely a sexy one 🙂

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Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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