Living Out Some Childhood Dreams…

This may sound weird, and I didn’t think it was strange till Jimmy pointed it out, but the yard sale I had a couple of weekends ago, was my first yard sale! As I kid I had always wanted my parents to have one but they never wanted to do it. I was always so envious of the yards and garages we’d drive by who got to sell their crap. As an adult, I’ve been to several yard sales–either driving by or noticing a sign and spontaneously going into neighborhoods I otherwise would not drive thru. Here’s a photo of my 1st yard sale!

my 1st yard sale!

The 2nd childhood dream is painting! I’ve done the artsy water color painting, but I mean PAINTING…an entire room! I bought some no VOC “Lime Sorbet” colored paint and we’ll be painting tonight and tomorrow. I’m so excited.

Here’s are some before photos of my living room (both couches have now been sold–hooray!!…thanks to  my neighbor Helene and Namita, whom I met thru Craigslist! 🙂  Some post painting party photos coming soon!

My Living Room (before painting and getting rid of everything)


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