Day#6 Alkaline Cleanse

Day 5 and 6 have been ok. The mornings are all right. I’m a bit tired when I wake up and am generally a bit low on energy since I’ve been on this thing. But! The good news is that my acne and skin is clearing up nicely. I’m attributing this to the Yin Care topical stuff Dr. Eileen, my acupuncturist gave, and to the clean up in my diet. I normally don’t eat bad, but since I’ve been on this cleanse, I haven’t had anything “packaged” i.e. chips, crackers, nuts, the occasional cookie, the peach pies, corn tortillas, hummus and then no eggs, cheese and no cold glass of beer or dirty martinis either. Yup…as I just wrote all of that, it just made me realize that if my skin doesn’t fucking clear up then it may just be hopeless. But on a more serious note, maybe I do eat more processed foods than I thought I did?

My Liver Flush: ginger, garlic, lemon, olive oil, water

Today I’ve a total of 5 peaches, 5 apricots, 2 bowls of mung beans with green beans and 2 bowls of quinoa and mixed greens, topped with ghee. The ghee totally made  it satisfying and so yummy. I haven’t eaten this much fruit since…well, the amount of fruit I’ve even so far can probably add up to the amount of fruit I ate last year, if not more.

I have to say, I’m pooping regularly each morning–I don’t even need to drink tea first! I used to had to go through this whole ritual of drinking some black tea, pooping, and then starting my yoga practice. Now it’s just wham bam! I can yoga right away! (sorry if that was tmi)


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