Day#4 Alkaline Cleansing Diet

Woke up feeling all right! I drank my Liver Flush and Tea this morning and got to take it a little easier with my teaching schedule, since my first client wasn’t till 2pm. But because it’s my 2nd day bleeding, I was still tired (sorry if that’s tmi).

I made some quinoa with seaweed again and had it with some collard greens, kale, mustard greens, and broccoli. Lots of ginger bits and drizzled with a bit of olive oil.

quinoa & seaweed

steamed/sauteed greens

My teacher says this cleanse/fast is best when you don’t have so much to do. But because I teach everyday and am expending a lot of energy, it’s not ideal for me and she recommended I stop and do it another time. The type-A personality in me is being stubborn and saying, “No, you can do it! You’ve come this far…don’t give up now! It’sย  just 6 more days! Who cares if you’re hungry? Just suck it up and eat more fruit, or eat another bowl of quinoa.” Then the more forgiving and conscious part of me says, “ok, this may not be the right thing for your body at this time. So just take it easy and eat a piece of cheese if you need to or make that mango lassie that you want so much.”

arrrgh…I will meditate upon this tomorrow a.m.


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