Satisfaction of…and no barriers

Random thought #1: Is it just me or is it satisfying for you too when you’re eating a peach or anything with a pit and the fruit doesn’t stick to the pit? It makes eating the fruit that much more enjoyable, right?

Random thought #2: I drive a ’98 Integra and can’t believe it’s over 10 years old! But a couple of years ago, my automatic window on the driver side stopped working. So when I go through parking structures I need to open up my car door to get a ticket. And when I leave, I need to open the door to hand the ticket to the clerk. But I kinda like doing this because it makes it more personal as opposed to having a barrier between us and handing the ticket thru the window. At first, I felt exposed when I had to open the entire door but now it makes the whole transaction more personable and human, y’know? I often wonder what they’re thinking–why is this girl opening her entire door when she can  just roll down her window?!

Give it a try…you might like it!

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