Day#3 Alkaline Cleansing Diet – STILL HUNGRY!!

Mondays for me start out by waking up at 5am and getting into Dr. Dan’s office by 6:30am in Beverly Hills. My normal routine is to get  out the door by 5:50 to get to Coffee Bean on the way for a regular latte. Instead, this morning I downed a glass of my Liver Flush, made my tea to go, and skipped the latte run. Around 8 o’clock, I ate my 2 apricots, ate my quinoa and veggies during my 9:30am break and all was good. On the way home, I got hungry and ate my peach. I came home and made lunch which was…guess what?…quinoa and steamed mustard greens and kale, with some wakame seaweed mixed in there. I ate a big bowl of this at 1:30 and left shortly to go teach yoga at Wagon Wheel.

On the way to Wagon Wheel, I got hungry in the car and ate an apricot. By the time I got done teaching I was starving again. Thank god I still had an apricot and peach left. Ate that in the car but was still hungry! I’m now on my way to Culver City where I teach at LivinGreen. I have a 1 hour break prior to teaching so I decide to go to Akasha. And that’s when I caved in and said, F this…I’m F’ing hungry! I need to eat. I sat down and thought I’d have something decadent like a margharita pizza but decided to just snack on hummus and pitta chips–all homemade there. It was VERY satisfying.

My teacher emailed me back when I told her how hungry I was and craving ‘fats’. She said that if I was hungry then I’m probably not eating enough and because I’m vata/pitta, I will get hungry easily. But if I’m craving fats this early on, it may not be the right time for me to do this. This Alkaline Cleansing Diet shouldn’t feel drastic. And she thought maybe with my gallbladder out, this cleanse might have a stronger effect on me. I never thought of that…but it’s a good point. She said I might just want to do this cleanse partially and not be so strict.

Jimmy bought me a quesadilla from the taco truck tonight and I ate 1 1/2 pieces — eek! It was so good. But now my stomach isn’t feeling well 😦  What I did notice not having had salt the last 3 days is that I haven’t been thirsty and (sorry if this is tmi) when I got my period today, I didn’t get any bloating or cramping! I’m assuming it has something to do with salt. I’m blaming it on salt! (even though I love salt). Sorry salt!

After eating the hummus and quesadilla my tongue immediately felt tingly and weird, and then I got really thirsty.

I’m going to continue this even though I broke it slightly today. And I think I’ll try cooking dahl or kitcheri tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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