JUICY! and…Chet Baker: The Legendary Barclay Sessions

Just got back from eating at Hiroba Sushi on Vine with my friend Marilyn. I love spending time with girlfriends who are passionate about life and their work. She’s also pursuing her dreams–just going for it! And I always find coming back from these encounters with girlfriends to be so inspiring. It fills me up with good juice. Btw, my new ‘word’ is JUICY!…it’s like when I’m teaching a student and I can feel their breath and energy flowing into a particular area…and I’ll say, “that was juicy!” (right, Tara?!)

So you may be wondering why I mentioned Chet Baker…one of my all time favorite jazz trumpet players. If you know him you probably own the album, “Chet Baker in Paris”. It was recorded between 1955-1956. If you don’t like jazz or if you do and you’re not familiar with Chet, give him a chance even if he’s a white guy–it’s a little of every kinda low-key-feel-good feeling out there: mellow, groovey, nostalgic, heroin-ish..yes, unfortunately this sexy musician had a drug problem. Big surprise!

"Chet Baker in Paris" (album inside cover)

The reason I mention the album besides being one of my ALL TIME favorite albums of ALL albums out there (up there with my Chopin and Beethoven), is because I haven’t listened to this favorite CD of mine since 2 years ago. Chet plays a solo of my “Funny Valentine” and it was the songย  that my ex-…I mean, first-husband (a much better sounding reference, don’t ya think?) danced to at our wedding. I decided to pull it out of the Chinese cabinet and played it while I got in the shower. Although there are still a few songs on there that remind me of my 1st-husband; as I’m sure there are many other songs that make me think back to to a particular person, place, or time in my life; this album is still very enjoyable for me and I can happily say it doesn’t hold any baggage for me. Hope you enjoy this juicy genius!


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