Oh my dear poor reader!

…how I have neglected you. I feel like a bad mother who’s neglected her child because she’s a workaholic. Well, at least there’s only 1 of you reading this (hopefully there’s  more than 1 of you). Speaking of being a mother (no, I’m not pregers!) BUT as you may have read several months ago, Jimmy and I adopted a puppy, of which we named Duke. He’s such a little love bug. I have several nicknames for him…all of which he likes…or maybe he’s just putting up with me: Official Name: Duke. Nickname(s): coco-puppy (pronounced: POO-PEE), wiggly butt, coco-chicky-puppy, Dukers, and again, POO-PEE. He’s learned to just sleep by me while I practice yoga or meditate and he always knows I’m done when I’m in Savasana! Is that a smart dog or

Coco-Chicky-Puppy Time!

what?! So we go through this whole routine of playing “chicky-puppy” where he’s laying on his back and I start to say, “Who’s gonna get a BIG RAZBERRY?” and then I take a big breath and blow on his stomach. Then I say, “How are ma chicky wings?!” and I play with  his little “wings” and armpits..sometimes blowing a razberry there. Then I keep asking him how all his parts are and end with, “How’s ma chicky thighs?! How’s ma chicky tooshy?!

I’ve become one of those dog owners who will only want to eat or go to places that allow dogs, and if they don’t, I find myself getting offended. As if there’s a discrimination against dogs and I find it so unjust. At that point, Jimmy has to settle me down with normal human logic and say it’s a health concern for most places.

I also find myself talking to other dog owners whom I otherwise would not meet if it weren’t for Duke. Duke loves playing with other dogs and goes crazy whenever there’s another one around. So usually they start sniffing each other and inevitably me and the other dog owner start talking: “what kind of dog is that?” “how old is it?” “what’s it’s name?” I don’t even bother asking for the owner’s name…I just want the dog’s name. And when it’s time to part after this short encounter, I say “Bye” to the dog as if I was speaking for Duke. I didn’t realize I did this till Duke and I started walking away and I said, “Bye Blanca!” to the dog and  it dawned on me that I didn’t even bother asking for the name of the dog’s owner!

Another perspective on Duke

Here I am, having not written for how long?…and what am I blabbing about? Duke, of course. He’s just one of a kind. Who wants an “I heart Duke” shirt?!?…coming soon.

It's gettin' hot!


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