Random Thoughts from my Alaskan Cruise

Random Thought #1: I had breakfast in the main dining area on Deck 11 this morning and saw an elderly woman (70+ ?) using one of those walking sticks you’d use on a hiking trail. It made me think: I suppose a walking stick looks much cooler than a cane – at least it makes you look  adventurous as opposed to just plain old. When she’s at home, people probably wonder in awe about how cool this old lady is having just come back from a hike! Too bad that thought was ruined for me because we’re on a cruise ship.

Random Thought #2: I kinda thought out loud today with my mom and said, “why do old people where those polyester pants with the elastic waistbands? The material looks like it’d be itchy and uncomfortable.” And she had the most perfect answer: “because they’re easy to put on and take off. If they had to fidget with a zipper and button they might pee in their pants if they couldn’t get ’em off in time!” I thought that was very funny but such a practical explanation too. And all this time I just thought old people had bad fashion sense. Would someone pleeease make old-people-pants with a fake zipper and button on them? C’mon!

P.S kudos to the lady using a walking stick instead of the traditional cane. Now THAT’S what I call an innovative fashionista!


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