alaskan cruise day #4

Have you ever used one of those patches you stick behind your ear for motion sickness? Well mom has had one on for the last 2 days and boy, lemme tell ya, she’s going thru all the side affects the little pamphlet that came in the box said you’d get: confusion, drowsiness, disorientation, hallucinations! She’s been mumbling to herself and speaking gibberish since this morning. It’s been quite disturbing for me to get a glimpse into what I’ve heard others needing to go thru in taking care of their “elderly parents” who are suffering from early signs of dementia. I’m convinced it’s that damn patch–she wasn’t like this when we arrived and I even spoke to Gatz (my sis…that’s her nickname) and asked her if mom was like that “normally” and she said no. So that put my mind more at ease.

Anyway, we docked in Seattle for the day – mom & I took a tour around the Boeing factory. It was pretty cool to see the progression and stages of how a plane gets assembled. We enjoyed a little walk around Pike Place afterwards–it’s such a cool little place with the market, local artists’ goods, and right outside – the cute little cheese shops, cafes, and restaurants. I’ll definitely need to spend more time here to explore this city!

We’re cruising up to Alaska now and will get to Ketichikan (sp?) on Friday! Photos coming soon!


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