Alaskan Cruise Day #2

Mom’s not doing well with being at sea. Any slightest motion is making her sick. I started feeling it last night and this morning when I sat down and closed my eyes to meditate. But I just pretend I’m slightly tipsy  and then I’m fine. I also found out while practicing yoga this morning that it’s better when my head is low to the ground like in child’s pose or when it’s upside down in downward facing dog or in headstand. It was quite fun doing headstand and feeling the rockiness beneath me. For some reason it was a bit easier…as if I was floating.

We’re on the Celebrity cruise line. They should call it the Social Security cruise line. I haven’t seen any one my age yet. Although, during brunch this morning, I met a son and mother traveling together–they both got their tickets with a senior discount. It made me think about the day I could travel with my mom and get our tickets with a senior discount. The thought made me smile.

Every night after dinner, there’s a live show of some sort. Mom and I decided to go tonight with her friends. The theater reminded me of those old theaters back in the day with the balconies, red carpeting, gold hand railings, and the center stage…like what you’d see on the Muppet Show. There was a small live band too. Tonight’s theme was musicals. And of course they opened it with the theme from Fame. I just have to say, I love gay guys. There’s just something about the way they sing and dance–they put their whole being into it. My favorite guy up on stage was totally in his element during the Fame number and completely the Indian character in Village People’s “YMCA”. I felt sorry for him when he had to lift a girl up during another song and she seemed to weigh more than him. After a dozen “best of” musical themes, I wanted to shoot myself. Right when I was about to get pissed and wondered if it’d be rude to slip out (but drats, my mother’s friends saved us 3rd row seats), it was over and the octogenarians in front of us starting cheering with a standing ovation.

Another day at sea tomorrow and then we land in Seattle whereby, Mom and I will take a tour of the Boeing aircraft hangars! I’d post photos along with this, but the Internet is damn slow. They’re coming though!


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