[Spiritual SoundBite] Honesty is Humbling

My yoga practice reveals to me each moment whether I’m present and most of all, whether I’m being honest. So what if I can fold forward and touch my toes–am I doing it with consciousness and lengthening my back instead of just collapsing into it? This is also when ego can get in the way especially for us overachievers where a “goal” must be reached. The goal is to reach my head down to my knees, right?! Nope.

It’s been so refreshing to have spent time with  my teachers this month. They really make me look at where I’m at now–at the present moment…and wherever that is, it’s ok. Be truthful and honest about it, take your ego out of it, and if there’s any goal, it’s to be more present in your body–feeling and experiencing sensations and to always be connected to your breath…throughout your day.

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