[Spiritual SoundBite] Need More AH-HA Moments?‏

I’ve been in a sort of solo “silent retreat” since I arrived in Bali. I find myself retreating from my usual gregarious self in seeking new friends, adventures, and doing any socializing. I’ve wanted to conserve that energy for myself–something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I’m listening more than talking and quite frankly, these days, I’d rather listen to silence than anything else. This is also something I don’t think I’ve ever preferred nor done as well.

Often I look elsewhere, outside of myself for whatever it is I’m seeking. Unless it’s required, I haven’t been speaking much and by being quiet it has helped to save and collect energy for myself. Otherwise, I’m always using it or giving it to other people and things. In a way, I feel like my battery has been at the recharging station. But beyond that, instead of wanting or needing to do something, I can silently observe. All that I’m learning: yoga, breathing, meditation…these are all tools for life available to us for our benefit. It takes discipline to put it into practice but they’re there for all of us to utilize. You can’t just read or hear about it from someone else. It must be experienced and only then will you have your AH-HA! moments.

Recently, I met a scholar originally from Austria who now lives in India. He was fascinating to listen to and at one point he stopped what he was saying and said, “You are brilliant at listening! Your concentration and focus is really quite something.” And he went on to tell me that both the words listen and silent are made up of the same letters!

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