Ogoh Ogohs!…and Determined Lil Suckers

Last night my yogi friends and I went into town to watch the big parade on New Year’s Eve. Several weeks before Nyepi, they build ginormous to life-size demons called “ogoh-ogohs” where they’re presented on the Eve and then burned. The festivities started at the soccer field with an ogoh ogoh  presented from each village and then continued up the street to a temple where I assumed they were burned. There were much too many ogoh ogohs to watch go through the procession and my group of friends needed to take care of their hunger before their attention could focus on anything else.

All the restaurants in Ubud are open spaces—meaning there are no windows and nothing is enclosed. So you always feel like you’re outside, even though you’re “inside”.  Knowing that I’d be out in the evening—the time of day I’m targeted by mosquitoes, I thought I’d be prepared by wearing long cotton yoga pants, slather bug repellent on any exposed body part and take a thin shawl big enough to wrap my upper body and arms with. I was vigilant and determined to endure the heat under my shawl for the sake of not getting bitten. I made sure my arms were covered the whole time.

Well, was enduring the sweaty sauna my shawl created during dinner worth it? Perhaps. I woke myself up in the middle of the night scratching my legs and arms and thought, what is going on?! But these mosquitoes are determined little suckers. I came to realize they bite through your clothes–I got 12 bites on my right arm alone! 😦

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