Bhakti (devotion)

I was waiting for my ride in the lobby when Kadek and Je-Rue were asking me what I was going to do tonight. I told them I was going to a Kirtan. They didn’t know what it was. And then I remembered that Kirtan is essentially Bhakti yoga! So I said Bhakti! And then they understood. It’s kinda cool being able to say certain Sanskrit words and having it make sense to them. Their religion is Hindu and many shops, businesses, and streets are in Sanskrit: i.e. Hanoman, Dewa Sita…

It makes so much sense to study yoga here. Not only because of the natural environment, but the people here are very spiritual and devoted to their families, their village (community), and often they have ceremonies that take precedence over work. On the way home, my friend Bawa aka “Bring” told me that he’ll be going back to his village to get his motorbike blessed.  So tomorrow, in all of Bali, they’re having ceremonies for the birth of all cars and motorbikes. So every car and motorbike will be blessed! He says that they often have ceremonies for many things and it made me say: “So everything in your life is blessed!” (quite literally)

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