Divine Purpose

Today was the first day of program with my teachers. There are 21 of us from all over the world: Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, Hawaii, India, England, Holland, California!…just to name a few places. I feel like I keep saying this, but it’s because it’s true: I’m so grateful to have found my teachers and to have followed my heart in signing up to study here with them. There’s something about Bali and the people here that makes it so very special: everything is green and grows easily. The air is clean, the earth is moist, and nature surrounds everything. Even though this is my 2nd time here, I’m always in awe when I see the various colors of butterflies, dragonflies, ants, lizards, geckos, flowers…you name it! They all come in an assortment of rainbow colors. And no matter how many times I witness these amazing creatures, it never gets old.

We briefly went around the room to introduce ourselves today to share where we’re from and what brought us here. This study program is titled as a “teacher training” but for me, it’s more about deepening my own practice and in turn, discovering the depths of who I am. The traveling and the studying and the practicing is all for me to dive right into what my truth is–to not be ashamed of it, to look at it right in the eye…to stand “naked” and really look at myself and ask myself, “what is it that I want to create for my life?”…to embrace who I am, to fully express myself in every way, and to expand & grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally…to be fully present…to quiet the mind…to ultimately create space for creativity to flow…for full expression of life to overflow from me and out into the world.

I feel very fortunate to have come to this point of 33 years of life knowing what my divine purpose is and being able to not only study it, practice it, live it, but to also share it. Whatever it is I have, I want to share it with the rest of the world. This journey I am on is called life…and I intend to live it fully!


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