Can’t believe I’m back!

I still can’t believe I’m here! I went to bed last night at 8:30pm and woke up this morning with a dream that a friend of ours was inviting us to a concert and I couldn’t find Jimmy—and I said to her, “We’d love to come but I don’t know where Jimmy is??” And that’s when I woke up this morning not knowing where I was…realized I was now in Bali and it was 8:30am. I slept for 12 hours! And in the dream, I couldn’t find Jimmy but it was ME who wasn’t there. Isn’t that weird?

I couldn’t wait to walk to the bathroom and as weird as this sounds, the first thing I look for is the gecko poop in my tub–but it wasn’t there! Instead, the gecko missed the tub and it was on the tile floor! I have a feeling it maybe another gecko–perhaps the o.g’s baby. I did a little bit of yoga to stretch out the traveling and had my “usual” breakfast: nasi-goreng with 1 egg, fruit salad, and my balinese coffee which I came prepared for with my agave–and boy was it the best cup of coffee!

The internet at my hotel is way shoddy and so I’m at one of my favorite cafe’s in Bali: Art Cafe on Monkey Forest Rd. It’s really the atmosphere and the colorful artwork that surrounds the sitting area that I like. Otherwise, the drinks & food are pretty standard. But it’s peaceful, comfortable, and often there’s a cool breeze that runs thru the joint. 🙂


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