yay! i can blog on my crackberry!

Wow…I’m constantly amused by how many things my blackberry can do–mainly keep me connected with the rest of the world with a touch of a few buttons. Instead of asking what it can do for me, maybe I should be asking, “oh dear Crackberry how I love thee. What CAN’T you do for me?”

You are now witnessing my first post here authored thru my blackberry! How does it look? It’s probably not a big deal to those who were born texting in the womb but for someone like me who owns an iPod and still hasn’t used it (yeah, that’s another story), this is quite the quantum-leap-futuristic-high-tech stuff you only dream about. If only I could add sound affects (angels singing “ahhhhhh”) and lighting affects (the clouds parting and the light shining thru). You get the picture.


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