My Style Makeover Airs This Saturday!

My episode of the makeover show, “What I Hate About Me” airs this Saturday, January 30th at 9pm on the Style Channel. And here’s a sneak peak on the Style Network’s website.

I’ll also have a blog up on their site: What I Hate About Me

After the show airs I’ll be able to share all the photos and experts I got to meet with you!

Ok…so you may or may not know that I was filmed for a makeover on the Style Network back in November ’09. I had the time of my life. Many people have asked me how I got on the show. To tell you truth, it was just an enticing announcement on some random newsletter and it was all the way at the bottom of the page too. And it said “Win a Free Home & Personal Makeover on the Style Network!” All I needed to see were the words FREE, MAKEOVER and STYLE NETWORK because I LOVE makeovers and the Style channel is one of my favorite channels (besides E!ย  and CNN).


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